Senses is a welcoming, specifically designed activity center that promotes leisure, social and recreational activity for people with dementia. Families can regain control of their own lives and take much needed respite while having peace of mind that their loved ones benefit from our professional tailor made programmes. All this is possible while persons with dementia have the opportunity to socialise and engage in a fully equipped dementia activity centre.

Activity is essential to human existence health & wellbeing. Tailor made activity programmes at Senses Dementia Activity Centres enrich day to day life experience by promoting strengths, enhancing self esteem, and by drawing on relationships interest, and engagement. Individual care plans are founded on wellness & selfcare, productivity, leisure, & rest restorative activity. Our trained staff organise daily activity schedules to engage persons with mental illness in meaningful and pleasurable activities aimed at improving health and wellbeing.


Dementia activity


Senses Dementia Activity Centres have been specifically designed with dementia care in mind. Design features offer familiar domestic features that promote comfortable feelings and reduce stress for people with dementia, families and staff.

Dementia activity


Persons who attend Senses Dementia Activity Centres benefit from individualised care plans. Clients programmes vary fromreminiscence, socialising, and leisure, to entertainment, productivity and gentle physical exercise.

Dementia activity


All staff is professionaly trained with a specific focus on abilities-basedpractice. With our dedicated staff and high staff to client ratio Senses provides unsurpassed personal care.


Dementia activity


Reduce the stress on carers by giving them respite from the burden of caring

Contain the problem by enabling carers to continue caring

Contain the Problem

Meaningful Activity

Provide activities and therapies for people with dementia in order to manage the consequences disease

Support people with dementia to continue living within the community

Life in the Community

Family support

Support families and carers by adopting a multidimensional approach to dimentia care